SQUINT – Julian Lage’s New Album Coming Soon!

Hey all. You are most likely aware of Julian Lage and what a wonderful player he is…and if you don’t, then you’ll do yourself a favour by checking him out on whatever platform you use. Well, all that to say, Julian is coming out with a new album SQUINT – June 11, 2021 – on Blue Note Records featuring his Love Hurts trio mates bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Dave King.

“Crafted after two years of touring together, Squint reflects the trio’s loose but deeply attuned chemistry while tracing the threads of those wide-ranging influences into new original pieces. Lage’s lyrical writing reveals his love for early rock and blues as well as songbook standards and the bold, memorable compositions of his jazz idols. In addition to Glaspy’s keen-eared influence, he’s also sharpened his songcraft via the informal counseling of Jeff Tweedy. The Wilco frontman’s influence can be felt on vibrant, infectious songs like “Saint Rose,” an ode to Lage’s California hometown, recently beset by wildfires.

The intimate and meaningful connection between music and message was aided by Lage’s habit of composing by improvising along with speeches by leaders like James Baldwin and Nikki Giovanni. The cadence and clarity of their oratory guided his hands in unfamiliar ways, while the power of their words imbued a strong sense of conscience. “I found myself searching for the music that felt supportive in the presence of people that I really admire, who are teaching us,” he explains. “It was interesting how it ruled out a lot of musical mechanisms that I might habitually rely on. It taught me a lot about cadence and clarity and communication.”


This should prove to be a most exciting sonic experience! Here’s a taste 🙂

To pre-order SQUINT follow the link: https://kf-merch.com/collections/julian-lage

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