Jonathan Kreisberg: A Very Strangeful Year – New Video Collaboration

Hey all. Just a quick note to say that Guitarists Jonathan Kreisberg and Omar Joel Zaki, along with vocalist Laura Anglade, have just premiered a new YouTube video collab (as the kids say today) that is definitely a statement of the times-we-are-a-facin’! I won’t say anymore but will let Jonathan explain more. Enjoy and please click on the video link below to watch, comment and subscribe to Jonathan’s YouTube channel. All the best 🙂

I am so very excited to share this video performance collaboration with the amazingly talented singer Laura Anglade to commemorate the one year anniversary of the lockdown. For me it was a year where education and sharing took center stage, and the song itself was composed in that spirit. It began when the original “A” section melody and beautifully foreboding vamp section was composed by young musician Omar Joel Zaki. We spoke about a few tweaks in an “Explorations of Note” workshop and afterwards I was haunted by the tune. I decided to compose a second section to complement it, and then realized that it was also calling out for lyrics to try and express the gamut of emotions many of us have felt in the past 12 months. Laura, Omar and I are grateful to share this memento of a “Very Strangeful Year…”

Jonathan Kreisberg

A Very Strangeful Year” was composed by Omar Joel Zaki and Jonathan Kreisberg with lyrics by Jonathan Kreisberg and vocals by Laura Anglade.

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