The Jazz Guitar Life Podcast: Ep 1 with David Becker

Hello Jazz Guitar Lifers and welcome to the first of many Jazz Guitar Life podcasts. Episode #1 features the Southern California Jazz Guitarist David Becker – who I had the pleasure of interviewing a few years back – and is chock full of informative and insightful thoughts on everything from Free Jazz to education and even the E-Bow. So grab a beverage, pull up a chair or sofa and enjoy what David has to say.

And stay tuned at the end as David graces us with his heartfelt original “Batavia”, a beautiful composition that in context hits the heart strings hard. In an email, David gave me a little context of the album concept:

Batavia is the title track from the album of the same name. It is a very personal record which tells the story musically of my mother’s family during WWII as she, her mother, brother and step father were interned in a Japanese Concentration Camp in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). I will be re-recording the music from this CD with the Metropole Orchestra in the future for a special documentary. The main theme wrote itself. The arrangement however was quite difficult to record as it required a lot of dynamics: ppp – fff with the piece being over 8 minutes long!! Russel Ferrante and my brother Bruce did a great job on this take as it had to be played this way exactly in order to tell the story correctly.

David Becker
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If interested, you can purchase David’s Etudes You Can Use” by clicking here and/or contact him directly through his website by clicking here!

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    • Thanks so much for listening Chris and for stopping by to comment. I am in agreement with you and have been a fan of his since the 80’s. He’s definitely all of the above and more 🙂

      Take care and all the best.

      Lyle – Jazz Guitar Life

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