Peter Leitch – 5 Desert Island Picks

Regardless if you’re a beginning student of Jazz Guitar or an established player, we all have at least five albums that we cannot be without! With that said, Jazz Guitar Life has asked renowned Jazz Guitarist Peter Leitch what his five would be (assuming that he knew before hand that he was going to be stuck on a desert island and that said island had electricity and a full component stereo system) 🙂


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This Desert Island version is a tad different as Mr. Leitch felt there was no need to add the “Why” to each choice but to rather let the music speak for itself: “I don’t believe there is a Why. The music says it all!” Who was I to argue with the man! 🙂


1) Miles Davis – Bags’ Groove / Modern Jazz Giants: These count as one as most of the music is from the same session.

2) Kenny Burrell – On View at the 5 Spot: (Alt. choice – Kenny Burrell, Prestige 7088).

3) Glenn Gould – The French Suites, J.S. Bach:

4) Bobby Timmons – This Here is Bobby Timmons: (Alt. – Freddie Redd – Music From the Connection).

5) Jackie McLean – Jackie’s Bag: (Alt. – Donald Byrd – Mustang).

I have had to leave out a number of favorite Coltrane and Miles records. Btw, Milestones is the greatest record ever made! Whoops! Forgot about Monk and Ahmad Jamal! Too many to name – just important bodies of work! Clifford Brown! Almost anything by Bird!” – Peter Leitch

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