Chris Whiteman – 5 Desert Island Album Picks

Regardless if you’re a beginning student of Jazz Guitar or an established player, we all have at least five albums that we cannot be without! With that said, Jazz Guitar Life has asked Jazz Guitarist Chris Whiteman what his five would be (assuming that he knew before hand that he was going to be stuck on a desert island and that said island had electricity and a full component stereo system) 🙂


1) Kenny Burrell – A Night at The Vangaurd: One of my favorite guitar trio recordings of all time. Burrell is in top form, delivering a perfect blend of blues and bebop single note lines, as well as stellar chordal work.

2) Jim Hall/ Bill Evans – Intermodulation: Two masters showing how to respectfully play duo. Always listening and playing off of each other in a musical way, and never stepping on each other.

3) Johnny Smith – Moonlight in Vermont: I never get tired of listening to this album. Johnny displays a mastery of harmony, melody and technique that is used to support the songs in the most beautiful of ways. Stan Getz is a nice addition too!

4) Ahmad Jamal – Live at the Pershing: A master class in arranging for a trio. Ahmad Jamal’s use of space, groove, dynamics, through composed sections, and improvisation always provide me with a wonderful listening experience.

5) Lester Young with Oscar Peterson Quartet: I find myself coming back to this album over and over again. What an education to listen to Lester Young, Oscar Peterson, Barney Kessel, Ray Brown and J. C. Heard make music together. So much to enjoy and learn from this recording.

note: The Lester Young album was originally released incorrectly as Lester Young with Oscar Peterson Trio, but I believed they revised the title when it was reissued!

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