Jazz Guitar Beauties: BAMBINO ELITE – Benedetto Boutique

Jazz Guitar Life would like to thank Howard Paul, Jackson Evans and of course Robert Benedetto of Benedetto Guitars for sharing this beautiful arch-top with us all! Enjoy 🙂

This beautiful Benedetto S2803 Bambino Elite has a delicious Walnutburst finish along with a Western red cedar top that gives it an extra warm and ultra balanced voice. This arch-top is entirely standard with a 14 1/2″ lower bout, 25″ scale, 1 11/16″ nut width and sports a single B-6 pickup.

If you got a cool $16,500.00 hanging around (which includes a Calton Flight Case), contact info@benedettoguitars.com for purchase details. It may be a higher price point than you are used to, but the purchase of such a guitar is a life-time event and may be the only arch-top you’ll ever need. Enjoy 🙂

Benedetto: Every single Benedetto guitar is made here in the United States, all under the same roof, at our shop in Savannah, Georgia. Our Flagship guitars (carved) are made in one section of our building and the Professional Series are made in a different room. The rough milling, finishing, buffing and final assembly are done in the same rooms by the same hands whether a $4,500 Bambino or a $40,000 Sinfonietta. Absolutely no compromise in quality, or outsourcing of labor.

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