Jazz Guitar Legend Jack Wilkins Needs Our Help

From Jazz Guitarist and Friend Jeff Barone…sad news

In recent weeks Jack Wilkins was hospitalized with a serious blood infection. He has also been quietly dealing with kidney disease for the past four years. He is currently stage 4. A year ago Jack had an accident in his home which he was yet again hospitalized with a broken hip.

Though Jack has continued to play this entire time, Covid19 in particular has taken its toll on work opportunities. He’s dedicated his life to music and it has touched and influenced many. He has been through quite a bit these past few years. Jack is playing as well as ever but his ongoing medical costs are becoming challenging. He could really use some support. If you’re a friend or a fan please consider helping Jack through this difficult time.

Jeff Barone

Please help with what you can: https://www.gofundme.com/f/5v4am-jack-wilkins

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  1. Jack Wilkins passed on Friday, May 5th and two days later NO ONE has notified the jazz guitar world! At least I haven’t seen it on many of the jazz guitar forums. It should have spread like wildfire. I even attended a jazz guitar concert last night, (Saturday, 5/6), and not a peep. Most unfortunate..bordering on disgusting.

    • Hi Matt. Jazz Guitar Life has notified the community via this website, the JGL facebook page, the JGL instagram page and even on my own FB page. Not sure what forums you have been visiting but on Facebook, there are a lot of players lamenting the passing of Jack Wilkins. I only found out about Jack’s passing yesterday morning through Jimmy Bruno which I then immediately informed all that I could. I do agree that more people need to know but I also wonder about a whole generation who sadly may not know the name Jack Wilkins…which is unfortunate. We can only do what we can with what we have to spread the word out.

      Take care and thank you for mentioning this.

      Lyle – Jazz Guitar Life

  2. Jack was a fine friend and incredible player. So sad to hear this news. I did have the opportunity to visit and study with him. Gracious man.

    • Hi Dwight and thanks for you words. Jack’s passing is a huge loss to our relatively small community but he will not be forgotten when people liek you share their stories and memories.

      Take care and all the best.

      Lyle – Jazz Guitar Life

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